2016-10-29 by Lorie
Hmmm....animal extinction and a dead baby. Nice Saturday morning subjects. It's only 815 and already I'm depressed and worried.
The Motts:
Sorry, Lorie...sometimes reality sucks.
2016-10-29 by John
Hi Motts Do you plan on updating your podcast? Thanks
The Motts:
Sorry, John. You may have missed earlier notes on this, but the podcast thing in on hold for now...too many things on our plate at this time.
Thanks for listening,
Donald Trump
2016-10-29 by Karol Grant
I'm not a Trump apologist by any stretch but I have to question the basis of your judgments on Donald Trump and the vitriol both of you espouse on a public platform. What do you really know other than what the mainstream media puts forth and why? I'm guessing,not a lot. I'm guessing that your slanted view parallels those of the likes of CNN,the New York Times or the Washington Post,a very one sided view. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that but it would be nice if it was an informed opinion and not based on outright bias. For myself,I have followed American elections and politics back as far as grade school where JFK's speeches were the gold standard for burgeoning public speakers and I simply carried that interest forward. This election is like no other and following it has consumed me. I have read dozens of op eds and articles in the press and on line,I've read eight books on or about each candidate and I have watched every moment of every debate, both conventions and enough CNN to make the strongest stomach heave. Trump is 100 right about the bias of the mainstream mass media and whether anyone wants to admit it or not that extends to both sides of the border and even further afield than that if you watch the BBC. In 1983 90 of mainstream media was owned by 50 plus companies,in 2011 that same 90 was owned by 6 companies and as that began to develop from 2002 onward the media switched from the view and opinion of the "little guy" to the viewpoint and the opinion that those in control wanted the "little guy" to hear and that has continued through to today. My father in law was a close friend and associate of Marshall McCluhan who coined the philosophical phrase "the medium is the message",how right he was way back then. Trump has been hammered constantly at every turn even for things for which he is not guilty of or not proven guilty of, which in politics is fair game but not when the other side,meaning Hillary's bad acts,blatant proven lies and terrible decisions over 30 years are repackaged as'not for public consumption old news'.Without question,there are things Trump has said and done that I don't agree with, but in all fairness if you put his transgressions and improprieties alongside hers from her lies,to Benghazi,the emails scandal,inappropriate use of office etc.the relative implications are a little out of focus. Here is what you don't hear from the media under BushClintonBushObama from 1989 thru to today as we approach 2017 more than 50 million Americans are on food stamps,49.2 of Americans are on one or more Federal assistance programs. U.S.infrastructureroads,bridges,power grids,schools,airports,railways and shipping ports are in poor condition in desperate need of repair andor replacement. The U.S.the most powerful,influential country ranks 16th in the world in infrastructure. Obamacare is an abject failure according to those who can no longer afford it or could not get it to begin with. Lastly,how does a country who spends tens of trillions of dollars on war,pays for the reconstruction of other countries,pays for their armies and their security allow upwards of 20 million people cross their border illegally and take up residence as if it is some kind of inherent right without legal consequence. I listen to you every weekend in whole or in part and I do like your show but after Sunday's Trump diatribe on the heels of many others I respectfully think that the scales perhaps need a little reality balancing.
The Motts:
While HRC may be no prize, she's a far better choice than the bigoted, misogynistic asshole that is Donald J. Trump. And as far as our views are concerned, do you think they might be based on DT's boorish behaviour? We really don't need the "mainstream media" to point out the obvious.

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