2017-05-12 by Mike Allen
Hello all. Just want to say quickly that the main issue with obesity has more to do with what's in the food we're consuming more so than the total caloric intake. In short dieting or attempting to limit calories simply does not work and will ultimately lead to failure. We need to make better food choices and educate ourselves on what we are putting into our bodies. Meal timing is also a big factor in controling weight and regaining health. There's a large number of good quality science based research available that can be accessed to gain the necessary understanding. I personally went from 220 pounds to 166 by following these methods. I don't starve myself and can still have as much junk food as I want on occasion, just not all the time. Hope this helps. Love the show. Mike Allen
girl on crane
2017-05-12 by rose
if she had fallen we would have paid for all her medications she needed to recover because she is under 24
Red meat
2016-10-05 by Lorie Murdoch
Hi guys, A few years ago, I stopped eating meat for about a year. At my annual doc appt., I told her I was really tired all the time and she ordered a blood check of my B12. It was way, way below the normal level -- because I had stopped eating steaks and burgers! That was the end of being a vegetarian for me!
The Motts:
Did somebody say McDonalds!?

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