realityOS at WWDC? The signs that the AR / VR headset is on the way

The upcoming WWDC scheduled for June 6 to 10 could really be the right occasion for the debut of realityOS, Apple’s operating system for AR / VR viewers that has been talked about so much lately. The clues are given quite blatantly by a couple of trademarks registered by the Cupertino company in December last year. The news lies not so much in the existence of the documentation – already known as it has been available online for several months – as in their “registration date” for the world market: June 8, 2022.

To bring out these important details is Parker Ortolani, a sector expert with a past in BuzzFeed and 9to5Mac, who on Twitter underlines that it cannot be just a coincidence. coincidence of the day indicated by the documentation with the period in which the Worldwide Developers Conference will be held:

It cannot be a coincidence that the apparently non-existent company-owned realityOS brand specific to “wearable computer hardware” is filed worldwide on June 8, 2022.

The company “apparently non-existent” is Realityo Systems LLCwhich could easily be a company created specifically by Apple to register the trademark last December 8, coincidentally “two months before realityOS started appearing within Apple’s source code“. The address of this mysterious company, among other things, coincides with that of the equally mysterious company that Apple had indicated in the past for the versions of macOS identified by some locations in California. And again:

The deadline of 8 June was set two days after the WWDC keynote. Apple typically files trademarks for products announced at WWDC a day or two after the keynote.

And to reinforce the hypothesis there is a third documentthis time filed with the USPTO and again with date 8 December 2021, which provides for an international registration on 9 June 2022. Therefore in line with what has been said so far.

The AR / VR headset was recently shown to Apple’s board of directors, another clear sign of an imminent debut, and lately the rumors have definitely intensified. Here you will find all the details:

So let’s get ready for an imminent launch: pay attention to the price, however, because we are talking about $ 3,000 approximately.