For the best windows on the market today come to Magic Window. Our revolutionary design provides answers to all the concerns of previous window design. Taking our cues from homeowners everywhere we were determined to build a window that surpassed expectations. The resulting series of windows for the high end replacement window market as well as high end new construction are beautiful to look at, user friendly, easy to clean, surpass all standards for water and air penetration; and provide for easy emergency egress. More patents, more awards. Everyone who saw them declared them “magic” because they resolved all the issues and the name stuck. Magic Window® as both a brand name our business operating name was born. To respond to increased demand for even more energy efficient windows in 2006, we began to offer solar screens and blinds (shades) in SLIDE’N’HIDE® for their added thermal value and wound up adding a host of other benefits such as protecting furniture from sun fade and providing privacy. The start of a new decade brings our newest innovation… the first dynamic windows that will be the most user-friendly and most energy-efficient windows in the industry. Call us today 1-866-OK-Magic, that's 1-866-656-2442.

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