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Rowan Gagnon – Founder

When the startup community looked at the concept of TheMotts for the first time, not many believed in it. Rowan Gagnon did not let this hurt his spirits and started working even more vehemently towards his passion. The journey was never easy, his project hit various roadblocks but his sheer belief in it kept TheMotts afloat through those difficult phases. 

The website is now highly acclaimed and there are ample rip-offs in the market. There are many who are trying to copy-paste the idea but nobody can compensate with money something that was built by love and effort. 

Rowan is poised to be the next on the cover story of FeelTech Magazine which has a global circulation and is among the most respected magazines in the tech world. 

What lies ahead is not yet known, but as the founder Rowan Gagnon has promised his tea and the community of users that they will keep innovating and always remain ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and user experience. He feels the scope is vast the only thing that needs to be done is to capture the scope and imagination of the tech world. 

Zoey Belanger – Writer

If you think that anyone knows technology better than Zoey Belanger, you might be mistaken. She has been at it for about seven years now and has held senior positions at Kraft Tech, All Tech, and various other organizations. 

Zoey began her career at the age of 25 as the junior writer at TheMotts. However, she soon climbed the ranks and became the most sought-after writer in the industry.

It was a publicly known fact that her office was flooded with offers from all the corners of the world, and yet out of all the offers lying on her desk, she took the one that had come from TheMotts itself.

It was an offer for promotion to the newly created post of Chief Content Officer. Zoey explains in one of the interviews that the work culture and the scope of opportunities seemed quite exciting at her company so she had no reason to switch. Her new post even pushed the envelope of opportunities to far wider horizons than anyone else ever had experienced in the content writing field.