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  • Back Off, Bitchers!

    Toronto Deputy-Mayor, Norm Kelly, has sincerely apologized for spending Christmas day in Florida, while thousands of  Torontonians were freezing their asses off in the dark. Any HALF decent person in the Big Smoke, wouldn’t accept this apology, because none is needed. Mr. Kelly was gone for about 18 hours, trying to enjoy what might be […] more...

  • Prime Minister Putz?

    The biggest thing on Rob Ford? NO!…it’s his TEFLON EGO! Outfoxed on Fox, the meatheaded Mayor announced…”Yes, one day I do want to run for Prime Minister.” ?!?!?!!!!!!!! To quote that Oscar winning rabbit…”What a maroon, what an ignoranimous!” By the way, that guffawing and snorting you hear…is REALITY laughing its ass off! -30- Listen […] more...

  • New Dent In Ford Beyond Repair

    If Toronto mayor, Rob Ford, truly cares about his city and the people in it, tomorrow's headline about his worship, will begin with the word," former." The release of documentation in connection with a search warrant, and comments made by Police Chief Bill Blair, leave little doubt about the existence of that infamous, crack cocaine […] more...

  • The "Ford Follies" Play On...For Now

      If I had to underscore Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's term in office to this point, I would have to include MC Hammer's, "U Can't Touch This." Despite allegations of ass grabbing, cocaine use and public intoxication, to chumin' around with scofflaws and firing off robocalls, this Teflon, political titan, rolls on unscathed. For members […] more...

  • Hey! Look At Me! Over Here! Hey!!

    Daren Miller of Calgary is a special person, at least he thinks so, and he’d like the rest of the world to believe likewise. Eighteen years ago Daren graduated from St. Mary’s University in Halifax, and up until today, (Tuesday) held two of its bachelor degrees. Saying he’s disgusted by a frosh week chant that glorified […] more...

  • Misfire Miley

    Ok, Miley, we get it. You THINK you're all growed up now! You’ve cropped off the mouse ears and the Hannah halo, and bellow your new found, “maturity”, by twerking your naked ass and employing foul language. Yes, dressin’ like a slut and spittin’ out the ‘f’ word, shows us all that you’re now an […] more...

  • Enough, Already!!!

    Solution to the coo-coo nests that are Syria and the Middle -East?               Would you hit it? -30- Listen to The Motts weekdays… more...

  • Why Satellite TV Is Good For You!

    For the couch potato, satellite tele….       If not for the constant interu….       When every passing cloud knocks out the signal, up I get and….       As long as the refrigerator isn’t my destination,  the never ending ups and downs and moving about, are beni….   So, for […] more...

  • She Stays! YOU go!

    At the risk of sounding politically incorrect, or even worse, un-Canadian, I have but two words for the three foreigners who are demanding to be Canadians on their terms…EXACTLY, those are the two! This trio, an Israeli, Jamaican and Irishman, would like to be sworn members of Club Canada, without pledging allegiance to our head […] more...

  • Disgruntled Geezers Play The 'Age Card'...Trudeau Pays!

    The Grace Foundation in New Brunswick should be thoroughly ashamed of itself. Just over a year ago, in an effort to raise money for furniture in a senior's complex, they booked Justin Trudeau for a public speaking gig…paid him $20,000. Following Justin's appearance, here's what the Foundation posted on its website: An Evening with Justin […] more...


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