Discord, finally comes a much awaited feature for voice channels

Discord It is an extremely popular platform due to its depth, but for certain things it gets lost on the surface, in a glass of water. It often happens that those tools that can do many things are not really immediate to use, nor are they able to efficiently combine the various functions, and Discord is no exception. In fact, one of its pillars, namely the voice channel, until today suffered from an absurd and unjust limitation. What are we talking about? Of the absence of one text chatobviously.

If you are wondering what the problem is, try to imagine having to send a link to your teammate, or even just communicate when you are forced to deactivate the microphone, and many other common scenarios and the like: here, in all these In some cases you will have to create a separate chat channel from the voice one with the same members, and to send and view messages each will be forced to jump from one channel to another. In one word: uncomfortable.


Fortunately, as anticipated, Discord has announced that from today this suffering will end, and it did so with a nice trailer explicitly inspired by StarFox, one of the historical franchises of Nintendo (and precisely to the conversations via radio from spacecraft to spacecraft between the fox Fox McCloud, the Slippy Toad frog, the Peppy Hare rabbit and what seems to recall the tanuki Yaru de Pon).

The introduction of text chat in voice channels is already a reality: to take advantage of the new feature, simply click on the cartoon icon at the top right of the voice channel you are participating in.

All non-EU servers from now on have text chat in voice channels enabled by default, while community servers have a period of time to activate the function manually: after June 29, however, it will also be activated for these automatically.