YouTube, improves the integration between the TV app and the smartphone app

The integration between the YouTube app for smartphones and the smart TV app becomes easier: there is no longer a need to use the Cast protocol to transmit content, the two instances of the app can be synchronized with a single touch and make them interact with each other. For example, the user can:

  • Use the smartphone app as a remote control for the app on the TV
  • Comment, like, read descriptions, click on links, chat, subscribe to the channel and share a video from your smartphone while it is playing on the TV

The update has been in distribution for a few hours, both on Android and iOS. Apparently it’s server side. When it arrives, you will find out why the smartphone app will show a prompt to synchronize with the one for TV. Just press a single button and the software itself will take care of the rest. Of course, you need to log into the same YouTube account on your TV and smartphone.

As already mentioned a few months ago, Google intends focus heavily on improving the YouTube on TV experience, because it is the segment in which it is growing the most in this period. Updated statistics for January 2022 indicate that on average 700 million hours of YouTube video are watched on TV every day. The idea of ​​deepening the integration between TV and smartphone stems from the fact that, according to a study, today about 80% of people use another electronic device (generally the telephone, in fact) while watching the television.

Have you already received the new functionality? We have done some quick tests and for now we have no feedback. Tell us in the comments!