“Show file location” debuts on Google Drive web

Google Drive in web version updates again: after introducing support for keyboard shortcuts for cut, copy and paste – but only using Chrome -, now comes a Announcements if we want less but that can be useful in different situations. In fact, the Mountain View company has added an additional column within theDrive web interface indicating the location of the files shown.

Now next to the classic columns that show the name of the file, owner, date of the last modification and size there is also the one that indicates its position. This way you learn immediately in which folder it is kept when using the function Research or you access the sections Recent, Specials And Basket. In essence, Google Drive web now looks more and more like the Windows Explorer or the macOS Finder.

Also, underlines Google, the novelty “allows you to instantly distinguish between files with similar names stored in different locations, and find exactly what you are looking for faster”. With a click on the location, the interface leads to the “residence” folder of the file. The new voice also debuts Show file location in the menu that appears when you click the right mouse button.

The novelty is in rollout immediately but, says Google itself, it will take some time to be available to all Workspace, G Suite Basic and Business customers.