BOE may soon commercialize a 95 “8K OLED panel

A new supplier of OLED TV panels it could soon appear on the market. It is about BOE, a leading manufacturer of displays for TVs, monitors and mobile devices. According to what has been learned from Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), BOE intends to launch the 95 “8K presented during the Society for Information Display Display Week 2022, an event in which the Chinese giant participated with other interesting products, such as the 8K AMQLED.

The 95 “8K panel is a WOLEDthat is, a screen with organic emitters that create white light, then filtered before reaching the viewer’s eye to create the RGB components. The technical specifications speak of a luminance peak of 800 cd / m² – nit and a typical luminance (on a completely white screen) of 150 cd / m² – nit. The refresh rate is fixed at 120 Hz while the coverage of the color space DCI-P3 reaches 99%. These are therefore respectable values ​​and in line with the results obtained by direct competitors.

This type of panels is currently produced at the B5 WOLED R&D line, accredited with a limited capacity and a production yield defined as “not so bad” by the sources of DSCC. There is talk of limited volumes but the number of 95 “8K TVs is not very high, which is why the quantity of units baked should not be a limit. We emphasize that BOE sells panels and not televisions: when this screen is marketed they will be then third-party manufacturers to buy it to propose models with their own brand.