Bosch will develop an autonomous driving platform with WeRide

Autonomous driving it is a sector in which a lot is being invested. Several companies and car manufacturers are working on this technology. Over the past few months we have seen several announcements on this issue. Now comes an interesting news that relates directly Boscha company that has been working in this direction for some time.

Bosch therefore signed one partnership with WeRide, a Chinese company that has long been involved in the development of autonomous driving. According to what emerged, these two companies will work together to develop software that can allow cars to be equipped with autonomous driving functions. Platform that will then be offered to car manufacturers in China. According to what is learned, initially, this jointly developed platform will enable advanced Level 2 and 3 assisted driving functions on Chinese roads and motorways to be enabled on cars.

It is also possible that he aims to go even further since WeRide is working on more sophisticated solutions that allow you to reach Level 4 (here we explain the different levels of autonomous driving). As part of the collaboration agreement, Bosch will make an investment in WeRide even though no economic details have emerged.

The Chinese company was founded in 2017 in Guangzhou and has been carrying out tests on driverless cars for some time also outside of China. In fact, last year it obtained clearance to conduct its tests on the streets of San Jose in California. As mentioned at the beginning, Bosch has long been engaged in the development of autonomous driving. For example, he recently acquired Five, a startup specializing in this field. In addition, the company is carrying out several projects including Automated Valet Parking, the first production-ready totally driverless parking function that has been tested on several cars.