Galaxy Buds 2, Samsung is still updating its true wireless earbuds

In the last few years Samsung has raised the bar of software support on smartphones, becoming a point of reference also from this point of view within the variegated Android landscape. And even with its wearables it is no less: the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic have recently received the awaited implementation of the Google Assistant (in addition to being the only ones with the new Wear OS 3 since launch), and also with the front of the true wireless earphones there are news ..

The latest arrivals, i Galaxy Buds 2with the update at the beginning of April they have gained the Audio 360 function previously exclusive to the Galaxy Buds Pro. And now it’s time for a new update: as reported by Sammobilein fact, the distribution of the firmware has begun in South Korea R177XXU0AVE1

The package barely weighs 3 MB, and it is also light on the front of the innovations introduced: at the moment the information we have suggests that there is no new feature to report. If anything, it is an update that is chand improve safety and stability of the Galaxy Buds 2: the good software support, on the other hand, does not only pass from the introduction of features, but also from the continuous optimization of the potential of a product. Those changes that may not be seen immediately, but in the long run, yes they feel (since we are talking about headphones).

As mentioned, at the moment the distribution is active only in South Korea: we do not know when and how it will be extended to other markets on a global scale, but it shouldn’t take long for us to see the update too.