Galaxy Watch 4 seems to have a tantrum with Google Assistant: first reports

It seems in fact that the new version of Assistant suffers from some youth problems that some owners of the Galaxy Watch 4 are experiencing these days, as emerges from the various complaints that have appeared on Reddit and other portals. For our part, we would like to point out that none of the Watch 4 scattered among the editorial staff has shown any of the reported problems, so we tend to hypothesize that these are all in all isolated cases.

Despite this, the reports are there and concern different aspects of the user experience, from the classic battery drain – especially if you keep the constant recognition of the sentence Hey Google -, up to more serious problems concerning the Continuous disconnection of the Watch 4 from the smartphone to which it is paired and even the inability to perform pairing again. In the latter case it was even necessary to resort to Complete reset of the clocklosing the physical activity data that has not been synchronized in the meantime.

In short, Google Assistant on Watch 4 has not landed in the best possible conditions, but remember that we are still talking about isolated cases. It is however evident that Google and Samsung will have to work further to fix these issueseven considering that the assistant’s performances are not all that better than the previous version, despite the notable improvements of the UI on Wear OS 3.