Gallery Go loses a piece: Google does cleaning and takes care of the point

Work continues on Google on proprietary apps and services, including abandonments, closures, changes to logos and name changes. Now it’s the turn of Gallery Go that no, it does not end up in the (populated) cemetery of finished projects – see YouTube Go -, but loses the word “Go” to become simply Galleryjust as it did for Files (Go) a while ago.

All the “Go apps” were created in the context of Android Go, a lightweight version of the operating system designed by Google for entry-level smartphones with limited hardware features. So, to make quarrel the Photo app in 2019 was born Gallery Go, completely similar to the “original” counterpart developed to work even in offline mode and weighing just 10MB.

The app in version may have lost the wording “Go”, but has not gained weight: 10MB is still enough to download it – 10.33, to be precise – and maintains all its characteristics we were used to. In short, an excellent alternative for those who do not want to weigh down their smartphone having the main tools available to organize their shots and access some editing tools.

The app had reached 50 million downloads in a year and a half, and has now been downloaded over 100 million times.