Google Drive, CTRL-C and CTRL-V support arrives on the web (using Chrome)

On Google Drive the keyboard shortcuts for cutting, copying and pasting files and folders using the Chrome browser: the very classic CTRL-X, CTRL-C and CTRL-V (or CMD in the case of macOS) have been in distribution, together with others, since yesterday, and within a few days they should arrive on all accounts – both professional (Workspace) and private. It is worth making a complete list of all supported combinations:

  • CTRL-X (or CMD-X on Mac): cut
  • CTRL-C (or CMD-C on Mac): copy
  • CTRL-V (or CMD-V on Mac): paste
  • CTRL-SHIFT-V (or CMD-SHIFT-V on Mac): create link to copied content
  • CTRL-ENTER (or CMD-ENTER on Mac): Open file / folder in a new tab

As you can see from the screenshots above, it is impossible not to notice the arrival of the news: a series of three pop-ups illustrate them, complete with a demonstrative animation, as soon as you open the Drive web page from your computer.

While we’re at it, it’s worth reporting another news on a Google product on desktop web: we refer to the Play Store. Perhaps some of you have already noticed this in the past few days, but in the last few hours the distribution has spread like wildfire – there is a whole new graphical interface, in testing for some time. The style is unmistakably inspired by the Material You; colleagues of 9to5google they took a good look at the new interface and observed the following highlights:

  • List of all developer apps immediately visible without the need to click a button to expand it.
  • At the bottom of the page there are quick links for:
    • Play Pass
    • Play Points
    • Gift cards
    • Use code
    • Refund Policy
    • Guide for parents
    • Sharing with the family group
  • In the tab dedicated to Books there are links to the Your Collection and Your Wish List pages; the old graphics are still used here.
  • The interface for playing movies and TV series has remained unchanged.
  • On mobile, the five sections into which the Play Store is divided can be reached via a navigation bar at the bottom, instead of at the top as is the case on desktop. The sections are always the same:
    • Games
    • App
    • Books
    • Movies and TV
    • Children
  • On both desktop and mobile, when you click / tap on a new section the selection indicator comes to the new destination with an animation.

Have you already received the new interface or not yet? What about copy / paste to Drive? According to what we observed by doing a quick survey in the editorial office, the first is already much more widespread than the second.