Google working on a mysterious high-end Pixel smartphone

It must be admitted that in recent times Google devices have been making the Internet talk a lot. Between devices confirmed but not yet on the market – think of the Google I / O 2022 announcements – and products subject to a considerable trail of rumors (see leaflet ) the picture that emerges is that of a company very committed to hardware products.

The indiscretions on a further enrich the picture further high-end smartphonebased on the publicly available Android Open Source Project code.

To unearth the clues were once again the colleagues of 9to5Google that last week unearthed the display features of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro based on references to the video drivers contained in the AOSP code. Between previous and new observations, the picture that emerges is the following:

  • Pixel 7 – codenamed Panther – P10 video driver
  • Pixel 7 Pro – codenamed Cheetah – C10 video driver
  • ? – code name not yet identified – G10 video driver

The The new smartphone is therefore neither the Pixel 7 nor the Pixel 7 Pro, because it has a screen managed by a different video driver (G10). The AOSP code brings up various references to the Exynos platform, which leads to the belief that it can be equipped with a Tensor chip.

That it is a high-end model is suggested by the characteristics of the display, in particular the 120Hz support. The panel manufacturer is BOE and the specs are the same as the 6 Pro: resolution 1440 x 3120 pixels, size 155 x 71 mm. Considering the dimensions of the panel, it can be excluded that it could be the Pixel tablet arriving in 2023.

At present, the device therefore appears to be a smartphone with characteristics similar to those of the Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro, but not part of the A line which includes the lower-end models and which is preparing to also welcome the Pixel 7a ( codenamed Felix), also spotted in the AOSP code. We could advance therehypothesis of a Pixel 7 Ultrabut at the moment it is but one speculation without a solid foundation.

Waiting for confirmation on a possible third high-end variant of the Pixel 7 line (fourth considered the 7a) there are more certainties on the basic model whose prototype is finished on eBay.