iPhone 14, family photos: they are just dummies, but the differences are visible

iPhone 14 will bend over backwards, just like last year. Unlike the iPhone 13, however, there shouldn’t be the Mini, replaced by a unpublished Max. In short, what is certain now is that they will continue to be four, and that they will differ from each other for display dimensions and materials used. The rumors about the next generation of the Apple smartphone are increasingly insistent, from the colors to the always-on display, and now we have the opportunity to see them all (and four) together in the form of dummy. Of course, these are not working devices, but at least they allow us to understand the dimensions and the differences between one model and another.

We took the image that portrays the iPhones from the front and we tried to lighten it slightly, in order to better understand what are the solutions that Apple has implemented on each of the variants. No surprise, apparently, because iPhone 14 (6.1 “) and 14 Max (6.7 “) will continue to have the classic notch, while 14 Pro (6.1 “) and 14 Pro Max (6.7 “) for the first time they will have a double hole to house the front camera and sensors.

Here too without too many surprises, non-Pro models will have two cameras on the back, three will be those of 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. And the materials will change too, at least according to the dummies shown here: stainless steel about the Pros, aluminum on others. And there are those who believe that the two premium models are even made of titanium alloy.