Mercedes GLC 2022: new, only diesel or petrol hybrid, 120 km plug-in | Video

Here you are the new Mercedes GLC in preview on the day of its presentation, an event that introduces the third generation of one of the German company’s most successful SUVs and which brings one of the first models borrowed from Germany to Italy to let us discover the interior, design and technology.

The history of Mercedes GLC began in 2007 with Mercedes GLK, the first ancestor of the current model that took this name in 2015 when the Germans changed the name of the SUVs in the range. A total of 2.6 million units were sold.

The aesthetics are updated, new rims arrive with sizes from 18 “to 20” and, starting with the AMG Line version, the wheel arches are available in body color. Do not miss the classic Night package and several customization options, including animation for the new rear lights.

The platform is the MRA2, the dimensions increase compared to the previous model: it can be seen in the space in the passenger compartment, but also in the trunk now of 600 liters (50 liters more than the previous one) with 40:20:40 folding sofa (electrically unlockable) . Access to the load compartment is via the standard electric tailgate.

The aesthetic does not distort the lines that have been part of the success of this model, although some contaminations with stylistic traits taken from the EQ range are evident.


It is not only the look that has been borrowed from the EQ range, but also the electric technology. All Mercedes GLC 2022 will be hybrid, with a choice between 48 V mild hybrid petrol or diesel or plug-in hybrid (petrol or diesel).

On light hybrids, theISG is an integrated starter-alternator from 23 CV which supports the heat engine in the starting and transient phases (acceleration, recovery), as well as managing the sailing mode.

The GLC mild-hybrid petrol (M 254 mounted on GLC 200 4MATIC and GLC 300 4MATIC) they use a 2-liter four-cylinder with power cuts of 150 kW (204 hp and 320 Nm) or 190 kW (258 hp, 400 Nm) to which are added the 17 kW and 200 Nm of the ISG.

There mild-hybrid diesel version (OM 654 M on the GLC 220 d 4MATIC), on the other hand, reaches 195 kW of power (197 hp and 440 Nm), with the usual support of the 17 kW / 200 Nm of the electric motor.

In addition to the four 48 V hybrid versions there will also be three plug-in hybrid GLCs which will all promise more than 100 km of electric range (WLTP cycle) with a refill, pushed by 100 kW electric motor which can also take advantage of all-wheel drive. There battery used is the largest supplied among the German PHEVs, the 31.2 kWh model of the GLE 350 de.

GLC 300 and 4MATIC and GLC 400 and 4MATIC are the petrol plug-ins that reach, overall, a power of 230 kW (313 HP, 550 Nm of torque) and 280 kW (381 HP, 650 Nm of torque). GLE 300 de 4MATIC is the plug-in diesel, also with a four-cylinder engine and capable of delivering a total of 245 kW (335 hp, 750 Nm of maximum torque).

All GLC PHEVs reach a top speed of 140 km / h in electric mode.

The new GLC 2022 are, of course, proposed standard with the 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission and all-wheel drive 4MATIC that works, on plug-ins, even in electric mode.

GLC PHEVs recharge in alternating current (AC) a 11 kW three-phase with the proposed charger standard. Choosing among the optionalhowever, you can have the support for charging in direct current that allows you to use the CCS Combo2 for the DC fast charging at 60 kW (30 minutes). The battery pack is equipped with thermal and climate management system while the driving modes are Battery Hold (maintains battery charge and travels in hybrid mode) e Electric which uses only the electric motor, in addition to the Hybrid traditional.


In terms of mechanics, the innovations start fromfour-armed front flanked by Fr.rear multilink. In addition, thesteering rear axle (optional) up to 4.5 °

How do the rear steering wheels work on the GLC? At speeds below 60 km / h, the rear wheels turn counter-phase to the front ones, creating a shortened virtual wheelbase that improves agility in the city and when maneuvering, reaching a turning circle of 10.9 meters. Above 60 km / h the rears follow what the front does, improving stability in fast corners or fast lane deviations, as well as having an effect on the steering wheel for which, in the more dynamic extra-urban area, it becomes necessary give a lower steering angle, gaining in terms of more direct reactions.


The Mercedes GLC technology is updated to comply with the latest proposals of the German manufacturer. The infotainment is 11.9 “, the instrumentation is digital and customizable, shown on a 12.3” high resolution screen, and a color head-up display is also available. The heart is represented by MBUXthe connected, upgradeable system OTA (over-the-air, downloadable updates via Integrated SIM).

Hey Mercedes is the voice assistant that has proven to be among the best in the car world, managing to recognize natural language and interact with both car functions and the outside world through integration with the home automation.

How does the Mercedes Smart Home work? On the new GLC, MBUX communicates with home automation and smart devices in our home. Bosch Smart Home and will be supported at launch Samsung SmartThingswhile with the OTA updates there will be additional protocols to control smart lights, thermostats in the home, automatic shutters, sensors, gates and so on.

MBUX is then updated by introducing NewsFlash, a free function that allows you to receive the latest news by selecting your favorite topics and asking the system to read them for us.


On the subject of ADAS, active safety devices, Mercedes is now able to propose one Semi-autonomous Level 2+ driving that is unrivaled. The adaptive cruise control system, called DISTRONIC, is among the best and today it is much more progressive in slowing down the car when a vehicle approaches us, avoiding sudden braking and better perceiving spaces. The system that centers the car in the lane is also very precise, handles construction site situations and the steering offers less resistance when it realizes that we are intentionally changing lanes, even if we forget to put the arrow on.

Compared to the old GLC, the new model has a DISTRONIC which is able to fully brake the car when we find a stationary vehicle in our lane if our speed is 100 km / h (previously it was able to do it up to a maximum of 60 km / h). This does not mean that the car does not handle higher speeds, but in those cases it activates the anti-collision and starts to slow down, asking for help from the driver to complete the emergency braking.

The steering centers the car in the lane (on the highway) up to 210 km / h: now even the 360 ​​° cameras take care of recognizing the lane lines and allow the computer to have a greater perception when you are in traffic in column or in extra-urban streets. Automatic parking and parking are also available “transparent hood” which facilitates maneuvers, even in offroad mode.

How does the transparent hood work? In offroad mode, the display shows, through the cameras, the view under the car, allowing you to see the front wheels and how they are turning. It works below 8 km / h showing the lower view to better perceive holes for example, while from 8 to 20 km / h the front view is displayed.


The Mercedes GLC 2022 range changes and the car offers most of the functional accessories as standard. If, before, the catalog of options was in fact more voluminous, today those same accessories are included, so as to choose the version and find almost all the technologies that one would expect from a car in the luxury segment, limiting the options mainly to the aesthetic part. which continues to offer many customizations.

GLC AVANTGARDE now also includes two displays, smartphone integration, wireless charging and heated front seats as standard.

The panoramic glass roof, the head-up display, the fingerprint readerrear steering wheels, Digital Light (the lights that project safety or danger signals on the road) and the comfort package such as Energizing Plus (massage, seat movement, aromatherapy, chromotherapy and so on).

Mercedes GLC will be available in fall 2022, the prices will be communicated later with the arrival of the official price lists scheduled for June 15 with the launch engines.



  • ENGINE: Euro 6d, mild-hybrid (petrol and diesel) or plug-in hybrid (petrol and diesel)
  • POWER: from 197 to 252 HP
  • TORQUE: 261.5 Nm
  • ELECTRIC ENGINE: 17 kW on mild hybrids, 100 kW on plug-ins
  • TRACTION: all-wheel 4×4 4MATIC
  • GEARBOX: 9G-TRONIC automatic
  • SUSPENSION: four arms (ANT), multi-link (POST)


  • LENGTH 4,716 mm
  • WIDTH: 1,890 mm (2,075 mm with mirrors)
  • HEIGHT: 1,638 mm
  • PITCH 2.888 mm
  • LUGGAGE: 600 liters
  • RIMS: 18 “-20”
  • WEIGHT: 1.925-2.415 Kg (depending on the version)
  • BATTERY: 31.1 kWh (on plug-ins)


Article updated on 2 June with the Italian video preview