Nintendo Switch Lite, new model coming as a surprise this winter

By now we are used to: predicting Nintendo’s moves is really difficult. And so, while the leaks from NVIDIA have rekindled the debate on Switch 2 and there is still the shadow of the Pro model that never arrived (last November was the time of the OLED model), in a completely unexpected way in network begins to circulate a rumor: there is one new Switch Lite arriving.

Mind you, the possibility that too Switch Lite (released in September 2019) could be revisited had been extensively examined and discussed in the era that preceded the launch of Switch OLED. But then nothing was done, and the speculations in this direction have completely died out, leaving room for reflections on the heir of the Nintendo hybrid, which in the meantime has entered its seventh year of life. Today, however, things have suddenly changed.


The well-known insider Tiffany Treadmore has in fact shared on Twitter some information on Nintendo’s plans for the near future: the traditional Direct of June does not yet have a date, but should be held soon, in the first half of the month. And therefore either the advances arrive in these days, or never again.

Among the various points touched by Treadmore, the first is the one that leaves the most confused, and that is the one that concerns a new model of Switch Lite arriving between late 2022 and early 2023. The insider, however, does not stop there, but goes further by defining the characteristics of this new hardware: the next Switch Lite should still be smaller than the current and digital only. We would like to add that probably, if this indiscretion were to translate into reality, the screen at this point would be an OLED panel.

For the rest, the limitations of the current Switch Lite compared to the traditional console would be preserved, and therefore no possibility of connecting it to the TV and no detachable JoyCon.


But that’s not all, because the insider accompanied this decent bombshell with a couple of other interesting tips. One is about the Mario movieof which a trailer on November 24th. The other, on the other hand, has to do with one of the most anticipated games ever in the entire videogame panorama, namely the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. Announced in 2019, finally shown in action with a short trailer at the last E3, the game was initially slated for 2022 but does not yet have an official name yet, and has recently been officially postponed to spring 2023, causing some disappointment. among the fans.

Here, the news coming from the insider on this front is not good, since it speaks of a new trailer coming only in the fall: if so, then the sequel to BOTW would miss the June Direct appeal. And it would hardly go down for fans who have already swallowed the bitter mouthful of the postponement, and now may also encounter the disappointment of not having any trailers for another 4, 5 or 6 months.