No Apple headset at WWDC: competition would start copying | Kuo

No mixed reality headset at Apple’s WWDC, scheduled for June 6. The well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has a unique voice with the equally well-known Mark Gurman Bloomberg, who had already expressed his concerns about the hypothesis that Apple would have at least anticipated something at the developer conference. In short, no viewer and no realityOSthe operating system that is supposed to run Apple’s new super expensive gadget.


No anticipation for a very simple reason, in Kuo’s opinion: since the AR / VR headset will arrive in 2023, making details of a project so far from debut public would mean granting a considerable competitive advantageespecially the more cheeky one, who could be there to take notes to appropriate one of the solutions created by the team.

Apple’s competitors – wrote Kuo in a tweet – are eager to learn about the specifications and design of the operating system for the mixed reality viewer. I’m sure if Apple announces the headset and its operating system at WWDC, the competitors will be happy to copy Apple’s excellent ideasto arrive on the market in advance of the 2023 launch of the Apple.


Just two days ago Parker Ortolani, an industry expert with a past in BuzzFeed And 9to5Machad deduced from the registration dates he claimed to be suspicious of the trademarks filed by Apple that the chances of seeing realityOS at WWDC were high. Yesterday Gurman spoke on Twitter deflating the hypothesis.

The Bloomberg reporter, very knowledgeable on Apple matters, responding to a tweet from a lawyer pointing out that the suspicious recording date underlying Ortolani’s theory actually derives from regulatory obligationssupported the thesis of coincidence. “Maybe it will come anyway – tweeted Gurman – but it is a coincidence “.

After all, it is now clear that in Apple’s initial plans there was the debut of the mixed reality viewer in 2022, so it is possible that the registration of the trademark in advance was linked to that timeline now skipped due to technical difficulties and some indecision about the nature of the project.