OnePlus makes U-turn: no 10 and no Ultra, 10T will arrive | Rumor

No official confirmations have ever arrived on OnePlus 10 and even on OnePlus 10 Ultra, but above all on the latter the rumors were not lacking. And in any case the composition of one range to three it seemed the logical consequence of having launched a Pro, sooner or later flanked by a “standard” version and perhaps by an Ultra as the market wants. OnePlus would not be of the same opinion, according to Max Jambor.

The whistleblower made it known via Twitter that “The definitive name of the next and only flagship coming this year” is OnePlus 10T 5G. Responding to comments generated by a rumor that in the OnePlus context is equivalent to news bombJambor argued the rumor by saying that OnePlus 10T will be standard version and Ultra at the same time “. Consequently, imagining the composition of the company’s best line for 2022 there would be a OnePlus 10 Pro and a OnePlus 10T. Stop.

According to the information collected, OnePlus 10T will have some cameras similar to OnePlus 10 Pro but will be better in terms of performance. It is easy to imagine the presence of the recent Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC, which was credited on OnePlus 10 Ultra, and little else, since 10 Pro already has the fastest memories on the market and there are not many other factors that can determine a boost. performance.

There is a margin on cameras, or at least it is our opinion after the period spent in his company. But to determine the quality of photos and videos is increasingly the software intended as the ability to process and optimize the raw data of the sensor, on which it is possible to intervene with the same hardware and sensors used. So, if the informant’s predictions turn out to be correct and the OnePlus 10T arrives with the same cameras as the current version, it doesn’t mean that the gallery won’t end up hosting better photos and videos.

It will certainly discuss the choice of OnePlus in terms of nomenclature ei criteria which determine them, assuming that the forecasts were later confirmed by the facts. But the OnePlus post merger with Oppo is already, obviously, another company, and proceeds in a different way.

In the opening image OnePlus 10 Pro.