Oppo, first contacts with the USA: Air Glass to debut on the market?

Oppo will present its new augmented reality glasses during theAugmented World Expo USA 2022 which will be held in Santa Clara, California from 1 to 3 June. Two models of the Chinese manufacturer on display: Oppo Air Glass And Oppo AR Glass. The first is a monocle equipped with a Snapdragon 4100 chip that attaches to a single ear and projects information from an Oppo smartphone with a brightness of 1,400 nits. The second is a more traditional eyewear equipped with the same technology and able, like the first, to start the real-time translation of writings and signs and the display of 3D maps.

To fully exploit the potential of Air Glass and AR Glass, the user must have an Oppo smartphone and an Oppo Watch 2. It remains to understand why Oppo to show these glasses in the United States, a market where it is not present. It could be a first step towards entering the States, or a move to attract more developers and consolidate its position elsewhere, such as in Europe.

Interestingly, Oppo uses the Snapdragon Spaces platform, that is open and allows more freedom to augmented reality app developers. In theory, Oppo’s glasses could also work with smartphones from other manufacturers, as long as they are Android and with Snapdragon chips.