Play Store, goodbye to the Movies tab: now they can be bought from Google TV

The transition is complete: the board Movie is disappearing from the Play Store, as promised by Google some time ago. The Google TV app will be the place to head if you want to buy a movie, TV series or other such content on the Mountain View platform. As the screenshots show, the novelty is also being distributed in Italy on the official Android app; while as regards the Web desktop version, which has also undergone restyling in these days, there are still no results.

So, to recap: on the Play Store (Android app) today you can buy them just apps, games and books. As for Google TV, the new app (which by the way also includes a nice virtual remote control for all Android or Google TV devices, from televisions to set-top boxes like NVIDIA SHIELD to flash drives like the latest Chromecast) is made a very deep restyling of the old Google Play Film; on which the contents could be viewed, but not bought. It’s a bit complicated, we know, but sadly this is it.

In the Google TV app, the movie and series store is located at the second tab of the bottom navigation barcall Buy. In fact, the layout has remained broadly unchanged compared to how it was on the Play Store, recently updated to the new stylistic course known as Material You. The functionalities remain predictably the same. It is worth noting that, of course, all purchases made with the old platform will carry over to the new one.