Prodrive pays homage to the rally Subaru Impreza: here is the P25, a 400 hp monster

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first Subaru Impreza WRC that the House of the Pleiades built in collaboration with the British Prodrive, the British factory driven by David Richards has created a truly special car. This is the P25 and is a modern reinterpretation of the unforgettable Impreza 22B STI that Subaru used in the World Rally Championship, where it won three consecutive Manufacturers’ Titles in 1995, 1996 and 1997.

Prodrive’s P25 will be built in 25 specimens (coincidentally) and will be presented to Goodwood Festival of Speed scheduled in less than a month (23-26 June) in the famous British location. The car, apparently, can already be purchased and, indeed, has already been booked by some wealthy enthusiast who has decided to buy it even before seeing it. Waiting for the final aspect to be revealed, we can fantasize by reading the information that has already been disclosed. For now it is known, for example, that the P25 is built on the basis of the Impreza GC8 of the 1990s and that it will have numerous references to the 22B STi of the past.

This, at least, is what he declared Peter Stevens, British designer famous for having designed some of the most beautiful sports cars in history (does McLaren F1 tell you anything?) and who was responsible for the style of the original car. Another thing that has been declared is that the P25 will be a car for strong hearts. The car, in fact, will be more powerful and lighter (part of the bodywork is in carbon) than the 22B and will also be more agile thanks to a series of changes to the suspension and chassis.

As for the engine, it will adopt a 2.5 boxer with over 400 HP combined with a 6-speed sequential gearbox in place of the 300 bhp 2.2 and the manual gearbox of the car to which it pays homage. “The 22B is considered to be one of Subaru’s most beautiful and prestigious cars – said David Richards -. has made the history of motoring and we wanted to make it even better thanks to the advances in technology that have been made in these 25 years. So we reinterpreted it in a modern way“.