Record-breaking Pokémon: Earnings skyrocketing in the fiscal year just ended

The years pass, and now there are more than 25 that separate us from the launch of the Pokémon, but one thing does not change: the pocket monsters remain the single most successful brand in the entire entertainment sector – yes, even above Star Wars . And 2022 was a particularly lucky year it seems.

According to information coming from Japan, and precisely from, The Pokémon Company International would indeed have registered in the last fiscal year sales for 204 billion yen, or 1.48 billion euroswith net profits equal to 41 billion yen, that is almost 300 million euros.


It is a increase in net profits of 123% on an annual basis: it must be said that in 2020, however, no new games of the main vein were released, but only the DLC Island of Armor and The Snowy Lands of the Crown for Pokémon Sword and Shield (arrived at the end of 2019). The fact remains that, according to Japanese sources, the numbers of the last fiscal year are also a record for a franchise that has always been strong and profitable like Pokémon.

To achieve this goal, the winning combination of the fourth generation remake Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl released during the holiday season, with 14.65 million copies sold as a whole, followed by the innovative Pokémon Legends: Arceus launched instead in February, and which alone has scored instead 12.64 million copies sold.


As always, then, there is the fundamental contribution of Pokémon GO, the modern soul of the franchise, that project that was able to deeply revive the Poké-mania globally, and that almost 6 years after its debut he hasn’t stopped grinding money. And if the numbers of the last fiscal year are smiling, those of the next are potentially even more tempting.

Waiting for a Pokémon Presents that according to rumors should arrive in the first weeks of June, not only will there be sales that Legends Arceus will make in the next few months, but we already know that the ninth generation of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, with the promise of the first real open world by Game Freak that will hardly disappoint at the box office. Tradition and innovation, which are the basis of the ten-year success of the brand, it seems that will be the central themes of the next games.