Redmi Note 11T Pro and Pro Plus, click at the start! Record sales in the first hour

Chinese manufacturers love to share the number of smartphones sold, whether it happens in the first hour or the first 24 does not matter. And above all they love to share it when – of course – things are fine. So here is the message published by Lu Weibing on Weibo to celebrate 270,000 units sold of Redmi Note 11T Pro in just 60 minutes. Let’s assume that the numbers shared by Xiaomi’s Senior VP also include sales of the Pro Plus variant.

Announced a week ago, the smartphones are called to repeat the success of the predecessors Note 11 Pro 5G and Note 11 Pro + 5G: for the moment, sales are limited to China, with prices between 250 and 310 euros at the exchange rate for the Pro model and between 290 and 350 euros for the Pro Plus. There is still no official information on a possible distribution in Europe, but it is not at all excluded that this will happen as for Xiaomi the market of the Old Continent is taking on a weight – and a value – increasingly important. It is currently second behind Samsung and ahead of Apple.

The two smartphones are almost identical to each other: to differentiate them are the memory cuts and the battery, which on Pro is 5,000mAh while on Pro Plus it stops at 4,400mAh. The reason is simple: on the first there is the charging system “limited” to 67W, on the second it goes up to 120W.