ROG Phone 6 will arrive in July, the Asus gaming phone warms up the muscles

Asus confirms the presentation date of the ROG Phone 6, the latest incarnation of its well-known line of gaming smartphones. The company recently anticipated that the debut would be imminent, but now it’s time to take the veils off the launch event. Rog Phone 6: For Those Who Dare. It is set for the July 5thin Italy it will start at 2.00 pm. Asus confirms that together with the smartphone they will be presented new logins And new gaming headsets.

It is interesting to note that two variants of the smartphone already stand out on the official Asus website (link in Source), appropriately hidden so as not to reveal the design. It could be the same smartphone differentiated according to the memory configuration, or two distinct models belonging to the same series – in the past Asus has shown that it also goes this way with the Rog models, see the various Rog Phone 5, 5 Pro, 5S , 5 Ultimate and 5s Pro.

For the moment, the main certainty on the smartphone is that it will be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 + processor, news confirmed by Asus close to the presentation of the new chipset. But on the occasion of the announcement of the new event Asus has anticipated other details:

  • screen with 165Hz refresh rate
  • new design
  • new cooling system

It is therefore not complicated to predict that Asus intends to introduce all the refinements necessary to make the new Rog Phone 6, once again, a reference product in the gaming smartphone segment. It is a category of devices that continues to be aimed at a narrow niche of users, but those who are interested usually take into consideration the proposals of Asus that over the years has managed to propose the most convincing devices.