Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 will really be wider: the covers show us how much

In the last month, rumors about Samsung’s new leaflets have intensified. Normal, considering that the launch – scheduled for the summer – is getting closer and closer. And if the foldable Galaxy Z Flip 4 at the design level will be practically indistinguishable from Galaxy Z Flip 3, the speech for Galaxy Z Fold 4 is another: more than one rumor, in fact, from the end of April until the renderings of the beginning of May, spoke of a slightly different, more square form factor.

Today yet another clue comes from the well-known leaker IceUniversewhich he shared on his Twitter profile the images of a transparent cover for Galaxy Z Fold 4putting it in comparison with the one for Galaxy Z Fold 3 in order to bring out the differences in the format.

We do not know if the manufacturer made the covers starting from official information, or simply trusted the leaks: certainly the rumors that point towards a form factor of this type for Galaxy Z Fold 4, and therefore wider and square, are now many and converging. And so the images of the covers help us to visualize the effect that the next generation of Fold is likely to have when Samsung decides to reveal it.


Already with Galaxy Z Fold 2 the Korean giant had managed to remove many aspects that made its predecessor a little too “alien”, with that external screen sacrificed and with strange proportions. And although the external display now takes up all the available space, it is true that it remains too narrow: in everyday life, users often choose to have to deal with that screen instead of the larger internal one, and therefore they have to deal with each other every time. with a somewhat sacrificed experience compared to that of a traditional smartphone.

Paradoxically, one of the greatest achievements for exceptional devices such as foldables is normality, that is the possibility for the user to appreciate the advantages of a foldable without however clashing with the compromises that these still imply – such as the display format, precisely.

A good slice of the public, for this reason, after seeing what Oppo did with its compact and almost square Find N folding, hoped that Samsung could also introduce a device designed for those looking for a more manageable and wide form factor. Galaxy Z Fold 4 does not respond precisely to this need – and who knows, perhaps in the future Samsung will do it by introducing a new model – but on the other hand it should represent a step forward in the direction of a more classic and comfortable format for the external screen.