Smartphone surpasses Reflex: Sony’s prophecy on camera quality

A few more years e the quality of photos taken by smartphones will surpass that of reflex cameras. It is a strong consideration, which will make more than one person turn up their noses, but the source is decidedly authoritative: Terushi Shimizu, President and CEO of Sony Semiconductor Solutions. And Sony itself, guarantees the manager, will be the protagonist of this historic overtaking.

In a market tired out like that of smartphones – the latest data confirm this – there is still room for some technological improvements. It was said that in recent years everything would be centered on display, battery And camera, and if for the first two the know-how currently in our possession hardly allows significant updates, for the third – the camera – there is still room. So, at least, Sony thinks.

The size of image sensors will grow, explains Shimizu, and the innovative “two-layer transistor pixel” structure will be adopted which, with the help of artificial intelligence and its processing capabilities, will allow cameras to take photos of high quality even in low light conditions. So it will be the cameras that will drive smartphone sales in the coming years, according to Sony, especially in the premium segment and, generally, in the high-end of the market.

The CEO of Sony Semiconductor Solutions strongly believes in a future in which mobile photography will be the absolute protagonist, also including videos that in the years to come will increasingly exploit advanced technologies and effects in extremely high quality shooting. What is certain is that talking about overtaking smartphones on reflex cameras is a strong statement: Sony is certainly one of the companies that best know the margins for one (smartphones) and for the other (SLRs), obviously the margins for improvement are higher for mobile photography.