Star Wars Visions: Season 2 on Disney + from Spring 2023

Everything is ready for the second season of Star Wars Visions. The new episodes of the anime series freely set in the Star Wars universe will land on Disney + next spring. The announcement was made by the same LucasFilm, which has the rights to Star Wars, during the Star Wars Celebration which took place from Thursday 26 to Sunday 29 May in Anaheim, California.

The new episodes will be produced by animation studios based in Chile, France, South Africa, India, Ireland, South Korea, Spain and the UK. It will be a writing with a much more international breath than what happened in the first season, when every single episode was equally entrusted to individual studios, but all Japanese.

Executive Producer James Waugh has also promised that what will happen in the animated series “Visions” it will be ever closer and connected to the successful film saga. “I have no doubt – Waugh said – that we will see the things that were in Visions become more and more part of the Star Wars fabric over the next few decades“.