Tesla evaluates the adoption of AirPlay to improve the audio system

It seems that Tesla will consider integrating the Apple AirPlay support inside its cars. As we know, the American manufacturer is working hard on the quality of its infotainment. A work that also concerns the improvement of audio system. We cannot forget, in this regard, that both the audio systems of the Model 3 and that of the new Model S have been well received by customers. Musk has recalled more than once that several engineers come from Bang & Olufsen.

Thanks to OTA updates, the operation of the audio system is constantly being improved. While Tesla has worked very well, it is still not perfect. A user on Twitter pointed out that they are still there limits with audio streaming carried out through the Bluetooth. For this, that user asked if it was possible to implement the AirPlay protocol that use WiFi and not Bluetooth. In this way it would be possible to have a higher quality even in the case of audio streaming through, for example, your smartphone.

Elon Musk’s response was very interesting as Tesla’s CEO claimed that they will consider this possibility.

We will discuss this and other improvements with our sound engineers.

Will the American manufacturer really come to implement AirPlay on its cars? Possible, but it must be remembered that Tesla has always been rather reluctant to adopt third-party solutions such as those developed by Apple. We remind you that the infotainment does not have support, for example to Apple CarPlay.

All that remains is to wait. Obviously, if it does arrive, it will be introduced through a future OTA update.