WhatsApp, this is really happening: it will be possible to edit the messages sent

That’s right: one of the most talked about and awaited features by users is really about to come up Whatsapp. After the multi-device and the reactions to the messages, another incisive novelty is about to arrive on the Meta messaging app, one of those changes that modify the daily use experience of a large segment of the public.

How many times has it happened to you to send a message and to want to change it later to correct some errors but then realize that you are not on Telegram, and that therefore the best option was to send another message with the correction of the moment or to accept the smear by passing over?

Here: in the near future this situation could become a memory. Digging into the code of the latest beta of WhatsApp for Android, in fact, WaBetaInfo found that the development team is working on theintroduction of a button that allows you to edit messages after sending them.


At the moment the function is not even implemented in beta, and is in an absolutely embryonic state. Beyond what is visible in the two screenshots below, we know nothing else: and therefore we ignore whether or not a history of changes is foreseen, or if, for example, there will be a time window beyond which it will no longer be possible to modify the message, a bit like the edit that will be introduced on Twitter.

It should be noted that this is not the first time ever: already in January 2017 WhatsApp had begun to introduce the modification functionality on the Android beta channel, only to back off. But if today the developers have decided to go back to it after this history of abandonment, it will hardly end in the same way.

In short, the modification of messages sent on WhatsApp in the near future will be a reality on all platforms – Android, iOS and Desktop. It is impossible, at present, to understand how long it will take before it reaches the surface on the beta and then is distributed for everyone on the stable channel: usually the gestation times, when it comes to WhatsApp and relevant news, are quite long.